That Poverty Project

Sean Krausert - 2011 Peace Medal Recipient


In addition to encouraging people to re-think stereotypes, myths, and other false notions of poverty . . . That Poverty Project encourages everyone to give more and do more, but most importantly to speak out more in order to make poverty eradication a top priority in our society.  It is in this manner that the efforts of That Poverty Project create a “multiplier effect” whereby the actions of a few people impact and engage many people in the fight against poverty.

While still early in project, That Poverty Project has achieved significant numbers to date:

  • Over 32,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter combined;
  • Over 25,000 blog reads; and
  • Over 400,000 impressions via traditional media (print, radio, and television).

There are four ways that you can help support
That Poverty Project!!


#1  PRAY – A project such as this needs all the prayer support (or positive thoughts) that it can get.  That Poverty Guy loves his creature comforts and is a big eater . . . and so taking on this project is only possible with the added strength and support of others. 

– Let your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances of every kind know about the project.  Poverty will only be eliminated when a movement of people rise up together and say they will not tolerate it anymore.     Sign "A Declaration to World Leaders"

 – That Poverty Guy made significant personal sacrifice for approximately 270 days during the Launch Phase of the project.  For each of these days, could you spare a QUARTER ($67.50) . . . or FIFTY CENTS ($135.00) . . . or a LOONIE ($270.00) . . . or more?

You can make a donation directly to That Poverty Project via Pay Pal.  Alternatively, cheques made payable to "Global WE Initiatives Corp." can be mailed to 176 Moraine Road, Canmore AB, T1W 1J7.  Please note that direct donations are NOT be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.    

Want a charitable tax receipt?  If you want a charitable tax receipt for your donation then you must make your donation by cheque made payable to "St. Michael's Anglican Church" with "Poverty Awareness Fund" inserted in the memo section of the cheque.  You can mail this cheque c/o Global WE Initiatives Corp. at the above address.

#4  SPONSOR THAT POVERTY PROJECT – There are 5 levels of Sponsorship available.  To see the details about Sponsorship "perks" at each respective level, simply click the level below in which you're interested.

Sponsor Level I - SUPPORTER ($1 - $999)

Sponsor Level II - PARTNER ($1,000 - $2,999)

Sponsor Level III - CHAMPION ($3,000 - $4,999)

Sponsor Level IV - LEADER ($5,000 - $9,999)

Sponsor Level V - HERO ($10,000+)




If you are interested in helping further, you may want to browse these Fundraising Ideas.